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Enhancing Security with Advanced X-Ray Metal Detection

Ensure consumer confidence and regulatory compliance by implementing our reliable solutions, tailored to meet the rigorous standards of the food industry. Designed specifically for the unique needs of the food sector, our advanced technology provides unmatched precision in detecting and eliminating metal contaminants from the production line

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Our Products

Our X-Ray Metal Detector is a state-of-the-art security solution designed to provide reliable detection and prevention of unauthorized metal objects.

Introducing our cutting-edge X-Ray Machine for Packet Inspection. This compact and efficient system is specifically designed for the thorough examination of packets, parcels, and small packages in various industries.

We offers metal-free zone conveyors integrated with advanced metal detectors, ensuring safety in food packaging and inspection. Achieve high standards with our reliable and efficient conveyor systems, detecting metal contaminants accurately to maintain product quality and safety. 

Explore our efficient gravity fall metal detectors designed to ensure precise product inspection. This type of metal detector is suitable for the detection of powder, granule or other forms of bulk products.

On-line high-speed, high-sensitivity, high-stability dynamic weight detection system, which is suitable for packaging product weight detection to ensure quality standards. Widely used in online weight check for big carton/bag packed food, agricultural products, consumable and other industries.

X-Ray inspection machine for bulk material
• Suitable for sorting and detection of seeds, beans, nuts, kernels, dehydrated vegetables, tea, herbs and other bulk material.
• Using 60 groups of high-speed jet valves, where the single blowing time is shortened to 0.5 ms, removes each impurity accurately.
• Large output design with precise elimination structure, thus the maximum production capacity reach 6 tons/hour.

Introducing our latest innovation, the Integrated X-ray Inspection Machine for Bulk Materials. Designed specifically for bulk material handling, this advanced system combines the benefits of X-ray technology with efficient material inspection. Suitable for the detection of Nut, Peanut,  Pulses, Seeds or other forms of bulk products.

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