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Discover our range of high-quality packing machines designed to streamline your packaging process. Our advanced equipment ensures efficient and precise packaging for various industries. Explore our selection now!

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Our Products

Upgrade your packaging process with our cutting-edge packing machine and experience enhanced efficiency, improved productivity, and superior packaging quality. Elevate your brand image and customer satisfaction with this innovative solution that sets new standards in the packaging industry.

Semi-Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine

Introducing our 0.5-5KG two-in-one Rice Vacuum Packer, a game-changing solution for rice packaging. This innovative machine allows for flat shape and brick shape vacuum packing simultaneously, saving valuable time and reducing costs for your plant.

0.5-10KG two in one Pulses Rice Grian Vacuum Packaging Machine;
Flat shape and brick shape vacuum packing at same time. save time and save cost for plant.

Pine Nuts automatic vacuum packing machine
0.5-5KG brick shape vacuum packing, 540-600BAGS Per hour. Industrial vacuum machine;
Unique design cubic institution, flexible packing size, big packing weight extend, easy to change the mold.

10-25kg Bulk vacuum packing machine, Coffee Peanut Hazelnut Cashew Vacuum Packing Machine;
Auto Weighing, auto vacuuming,
Easy installation, the program can be monitored and upgraded remotely
Adopted weighing controller from professional manufacturers. 

Semi-Automatic Packing Machine

Experience the convenience of auto weighing, auto sewing, and auto thread cutting with our advanced rice packer. Streamline your packaging process and save valuable time and effort, as these automated features ensure a hassle-free operation.

Featuring a double feeding and weighing system, our machine enables high-speed packaging, significantly improving your production yield. This efficient design ensures swift and accurate packaging of your particle materials.

Our Rice Weighing Packing Machine system includes the Packing Scale Body, Bafang Sewing Machine, and a 2.2m Auto Lifting Conveyor, providing a complete and seamless packaging process. With automated weighing, filling, sewing, and thread cutting capabilities.

Our packing machine offers automated weighing, sewing, and thread cutting functionalities, ensuring a hassle-free and streamlined packaging process. Experience the convenience of auto weighing, auto sewing, and auto thread cutting, saving you time and effort.

Fully-Automatic Packing Machine

1.Double working station bag giving system. 100-300 bags can be stored.
2.There is an air pressure detecting device in the process of picking up the bag, opening the bag, clamping the bag, and filling the bag. Unqualified bags will be kicked out automatically without stopping the working. bagging system.
3.High speed weighing scale. automatic bagging machine, Automatic rice packing machine
4.Bag-clamping movement and discharge gate are using two independent

Rice Packing Line Solution Bagging And Palletizing;
The full set Rice Packing line solution include: automatic weighing packing machine, Bagging, stitching, conveyor, Metal detector, weighing scale, robot palletizing ect.

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