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Optimize Sorting Efficiency with Our Advanced Color Sorter Machines

Whether you need to sort grains, rice, pulses, plastics, seeds, or other materials, our color sorter machines offer customizable options to suit your specific requirements.

Genuine Kaeser Spare Parts

Ensure peak performance and longevity for your Kaeser air compressors with our high-quality replacement components. VFD Drive, Y Stainer, Echo Drain, Safetry Walve, Varnasolv, Repair Kit CAVV, Screw Air Compressor Oil, Micro Filter, Couplings, Exchange Airend

Introducing our compact dryers, the Kaeser Membrane Module (KMM). They offer superior efficiency and reliability with a unique flow concept and high-density helical fiber structure. Despite their small size, KMM dryers achieve sub-zero pressure dew points and are perfect for space-limited installations. Experience efficient drying and reliable performance with our compact KMM dryers. Upgrade your compressed air system today!

Upgrade to our ISO 8573-1 compliant filters for superior protection of sensitive production processes. With high-quality activated carbon, they offer long-lasting durability and low pressure loss, saving costs. Our filters last up to 12,000 hours without activated carbon replacement. Standard oil indicator ensures operational reliability. Experience optimal performance and efficiency with our Activated Carbon Absorber.

Experience Kaeser Kompressoren’s desiccant dryers that reach impressive pressure dew points as low as -70 °C. Our dryers offer reliable anti-frost protection for your control valves and lines, ensuring smooth operation. With standard-equipped high-quality compressed air filters and energy-saving controllers, you can achieve compressed air drying for sensitive processes while minimizing costs. Upgrade to our efficient and cost-effective desiccant dryers today!

Vertical or horizontal air storage-up to 50 bar Air receivers are an important link in the compressed air chain: as storage media or buffers for peak load demand. With Kaeser air receivers, you are always on the safe side technically: because we look at the overall system, we focus on perfectly matched easy installation and a comprehensive range of accessories

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