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Rice Whitener

Perfect’s rice whitener is specially designed for effective degree of whiteness and maximum yield of head rice with less percentage of broken rice. The rice is whitened very gently between abrasive grinding wheel & screen without distracting the original shape of rice kernel. This machine is equipped with a mechanism for adjusting degree of whiteness.


  • Suitable for: Raw Rice, Steam Rice, Par Boiled Rice, Basmati Rice
  • RWS 1 – 4 Stone, RWS 2 – 5 Stone, RWS 3 – 6 Stone
  • Stone size : 250 x 170 x 60


  • Gap between screen and stone can be easily adjusted when required
  • Heavy body for sturdy performance
  • Differential manometer to measure the chamber vacuum generated by blower
  • Digital ammeter indicates the load on motor
  • Degree of polishing can be adjusted easily