Manual Sheller


Salient Features

  • No need of air compressor
  • Cooling system for rubber rolls
  • Manual adjustment for rubber rolls
  • Taper lock pulleys for easy maintenance
  • DMR Rubbers with taper lock Retainers
  • Heavy body and housings

Suitable for :

  • Raw Paddy
  • Steam Paddy
  • Par Boiled Paddy


Salient Features

  • Automatic system but without vibro feeder
  • Effective cooling system for long life of rubber rolls
  • Shelling percentage of paddy upto 95% can be attained
  • Manual adjustment facility provided


  • SPV4
  • SPV5

Suitable for:

  • Raw Paddy
  • Steam Paddy
  • Par Boiled Paddy
  • Basmati Paddy

Salient Features

  • Liquid filled pressure gauge for accurate control of pressure on rubber rolls
  • Vibro feeding and rubber cooling system enhances rubber life upto 25%
  • With the help of sensor enabled panel, the rubber rolls automatically disengages when the input product flow stops
  • Feed rate is controlled by Vibro Feeder
  • Taper lock pulleys & adaptors for easy maintenance
  • Shelling percentage up to 95% can be attained
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