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North India Compressors is a Leading and Renowned name offering a widest range of Screw Compressors, Color Sorters, Grain Dryers, Packing Machines, Blowers, Silos, Complete Rice Plants etc., at industry leading prices.Apart from that we specializes in setup and maintenance of these plants and machinery backed by an efficient team of Engineers, guided and supported by a dedicated management.

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NIC's strong technical acumen, broad network and global experience allow us to deliver sustainable solutions across the entire project stages from suggesting the right product to its deployment, service and maintenance.Our team helps at every stage starting from the selection of plant and machinery, procurement, setup and comissioning of the plant and then supporting you throughout the life cycle of the product.

Our Product ranges includes:

Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air systems provide pressurized air throughout the facility to operate automated valves, diverters, slide gates, dust collectors, instruments, and any number of other devices.

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AI Color Sorters

Color sorters are machines that are used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They separate items by their colours, detecting the colours of things that pass before them

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Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum packing removes air from the package before sealing and keeps food fresh for longer duration. Our Vacuum packing machines are microprocessor based systems delivering high packaging performance.

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Grain Drying System

Grain drying is process of drying grain to prevent spoilage during storage.We offer Multifunctional Grain Dryers which is applied to paddy,wheat,corn,soybean,rapeseed and other seeds.

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Food Inspection System

Food inspection system inspects, detects and rejects hazardous foreign objects from your production line. At the same time the inspects the overall quality by analyzing the content of the packaged product

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Rice Milling Machines

Milling is a crucial step in post-production of rice. The basic objective of a rice milling system is to remove the husk and the bran layers, and produce an edible, white rice. We offer a wide variety of rice milling machines

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Our Services

NIC has a competitive and experienced team of professionals that provides you the following services

Our Clients

NIC has a PAN India presence and is providing products and services all over India. Some of our prestigious clients are:

Pan Brand
R B Group
Sri Niwas Food
Tirupati Foods
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