Complete turnkey rotary lobe blowers

COMPACT series turnkey rotary lobe blowers with OMEGA PROFILE rotors provide more than dependable, energy-efficient performance. Delivered ready for immediate operation, these versatile units are equipped with star-delta starter (or frequency converter) and all necessary sensors are CE and EMC certified. As a result, they save considerable costs associated with planning, installation, certification, documentation and commissioning.


The version with integrated Y-Δ-starter operates at constant speed and is equipped with a premium contactor, overload protection cut-out and phase loss monitoring. The SIGMA CONTROL 2 and a dependable emergency stop system complete the package.


The turnkey blowers not only come complete with sensors, STC/OFC, SIGMA CONTROL 2 and emergency stop switch, but are also ready-filled with oil and are fully certified. This significantly reduces the work and costs required for planning, installation, certification, documentation and commissioning.

IE3 energy-saving motors

All KAESER blower packages are equipped with dependable, premium efficiency IE3 drive motors (IP55 protection, Insulation Class F). Their exceptional efficiency boosts overall system performance.

EMC tested and certified complete system

To ensure seamless integration into any operational environment, the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of all components and of the complete machine has been tested and certified in accordance with all applicable regulations

Frequency Control (OFC)

With OMEGA FREQUENCY CONTROL, the frequency converter adjusts blower performance to match required air demand by regulating the motor speed. Everything is ready for immediate operation, since all programming and parametrisation is performed at the factory.

Minimal pulsation and quiet operation

As pulsations from the conveying air can cause the connected pipework to generate noise, the soundproofing with KAESER blowers is designed to minimise sound emissions from both the machine itself and from the conveying air. Moreover, highly effective discharge silencers cover a wide frequency range to mitigate conveying air pulsation.


Various sensors and switches for monitoring pressure values, temperatures, speed, oil level and filters ensure dependable and efficient blower operation and enable remote system monitoring.

Automatic belt tensioning

The pivoting motor base with tensioning spring ensures precision belt tensioning, irrespective of motor weight, to provide optimum transmission efficiency at all times. Consequently, this system also reduces maintenance and energy costs.

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