Automatic Drain Valve

Automatic Drain Valve ADV 0 Air Loss

1. Condensate inlet

2. Collection chamber

3. Level sensor

4. Solenoid valve

5. Valve diaphragm

6. Balance line

7. Valve seat

8. Discharge line


Maintenance on the ECO-DRAIN 30, 31 and 32 is quick and easy. A simple “click” is all that’s needed to detach the service unit from the electronics module. Complicated disassembly is therefore no longer necessary. Every service unit is carefully checked for leak tightness and performance.


Should an issue with condensate drainage occur, the ECO-DRAIN valve is briefly cycled to open for one minute. If the situation remains, a message is triggered and the valve opens every 4 minutes for 7.5 seconds. Once the blockage is cleared, the ECODRAIN reverts back to normal operation.


The control electronics operate the discharge valve with such precision that all collected condensate is discharged without any loss of compressed air. This not only maximises compressed air use but also leads to considerable energy savings. All electrical components are splash-proof.


The durable and non-wearing capacitive level sensor forms the basis for safe, reliable condensate drainage. The drain also works perfectly under conditions with high levels of contamination, even when filled with pure oil.

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