Air Receivers

Vertical or horizontal air storage – up to 50 bar Air receivers are an important link in the compressed air chain: as storage media or buffers for peak load demand. With Kaeser air receivers, you are always on the safe side technically: because we look at the overall system, we focus on perfectly matched easy installation and a comprehensive range of accessories.


  • Receiver sizes: 90 – 10,000 litres
  • Maximum permissible gauge pressure: 11, 16, 45 or 50 bar
  • Fittings, valves and instruments for every application
  • Complete sets for condensate separation


  • Low inspection costs: Rigorous construction to the AD-2000 standard enables inspection cycles of five years. You save money and improve your efficiency.
  • 300% increased service life: Thanks to hot-dip internal and external galvanisation to DIN EN ISO 1461, KAESER air receivers last approximately three times as long as conventional air receivers.
  • Quick and secure installation: The threads of KAESER air receivers are precision re-cut after galvanisation.