KAESER Compressors

KAESER KOMPRESSOREN pushes the boundaries of compressed air efficiency once again with its latest generation of (Model SX, SM, SK, ASK, ASD, BSD, CSD, CSD X, DSD,DSD X,ESD, FSD, HSD series) rotary screw compressors. Not only do these optimized and deliver more compressed air for less energy, but they also combine ease of use and maintenance with exceptional versatility and environmentally responsible design. You can meet virtually any compressed air demand with fluid-injected rotary screw compressors from Kaeser. We offer a huge selection of compressors ranging from 2.2 kW right up to 515 kW. All models are equipped with energy-saving 1:1 direct drive. The motor drives the air end directly without transmission loss via a maintenance-free coupling.


We offer wide range of compressors. You can choose between the following models based on your requirements:

  • For integration in your compressed air station: our basic model
  • With refrigeration dryer for high compressed air quality: T versions (ASD, BSD, CSD, CSDX and DSD series)
  • With variable-speed drive for optimal efficiency and broad control range: SFC models
  • New: With synchronous reluctance motor: Significantly greater efficiency - especially in the partial load range - than comparable asynchronous systems enables considerable energy savings
  • Complete solutions with integrated refrigeration dryer and variable-speed drive: T SFC versions (ASD, BSD, CSD, CSDX and DSD series)


  • Exceptional efficiency:The use of IE3 motors has been mandatory in the EU since January 2015. Furthermore, we already use IE4 motors in our BSD – FSD models with 1:1 drive to provide you with even further energy savings.
  • Longer service life: Electronic thermal management dynamically controls the fluid temperature of ASD, BSD, CSD, CSDX, DSD, DSDX, ESD and FSD series compressors. This not only saves additional energy, but also reliably prevents condensate formation and associated moisture damage.